Labor and Industry Museum Commemorative Ornaments

Belleville Labor & Industry Museum - Jumbo Ornament

Belleville Labor & Industry Museum - History At Work Ornament

Belleville Labor & Industry Museum - Stove Ornament

The Labor and Industry Museum is proud to offer three pewter ornaments commemorating historic moments in Belleville’s past. Order one or a set. They will become family keepsakes and make great gifts for mailing to distant friends and relatives.

The first ornament in the series honors our 1895 Harrison Jumbo, and marks the return in 2001 of this example of Belleville’s manufacturing might. Colors are burnished pewter and red.

Next in the series is the "Museum Logo", recognizing our Grand Opening in 2002 and symbolizing the cooperation between labor and management. Colors are pewter and green.

The third in our series of pewter ornaments is now available. Featuring the 1903 Belleville Stove Works "Steel Range", this burnished pewter ornament with black border identifies Belleville as the "Stove Capital," and completes the set.

Purchase ornaments at the museum for $10.00 or by mail for $11.00. Buy or order the set of three for $28.00, on site or by mail, shipping included. Make checks payable to: Labor and Industry Museum, include your name, address and phone number and mail your order to: Ornament, PO Box 8242, Belleville, IL 62222.

We are open every Saturday from 10 to 4. Groups should make appointments by calling 222-9430.