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Online Photo Collection

Want to find out what great grandma looked like, or find a grocery store on Main Street where you shopped as a kid?
Interested in community history and/or genealogy?

It's simple. A suggested procedure is:
Enter the address, http://laborandindustry.pastperfectonline.com, into your web browser. Click on Go to Collection Enter a word or phrase, and click Search You will see a list of all records which contain the word or phrase, A thumbnail of each photo appears on the left - click on it for a larger view. An 11-digit number of the form xxxx.xxx.xxxx, appears to the right of the thumbnail. Click on it for detailed information.
The above approach uses the default Keyword Search method. Others are available, and can be understood by clicking on the "Tips for Searching" link.

Have photos to share? We can scan and return them.
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Discover the importance of Belleville's influence in the development of the State of Illinois in the areas of early law, manufacturing, and trade unionism.

Discover Belleville's family connections with those of St. Louis as communications and transportation lines began to cross the Mississippi River.

Explore Belleville's early French connection as the town was settled and the influence of the work ethic and mechanical genius of many early German residents.

Discover Belleville's Architecture and the significance of the German Streethouse from exhibits displayed at the Visitor Center.

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